Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canon EOS 1000D

Technorati Tags: canon EOS 1000D, 450D, 400D, D40x, D40, comparisonNikon has been dominating the lower end of the DSLR market with their d40 and d40x for the past 2 years. Both cameras cost under 30k brand new. You can actually buy a brand new d40 for about 21k. Canon didn’t have anything that could compete at the price range. Canon’s cheapest cameras cost 40k and above.

Why canon took this long to release a camera at this price bracket, I don’t know. But they finally have and it shreds its competition to bits, at least in this canonite’s opinion. The canon EOS 1000D, at 29k, is just a bit more expensive than the d40x but it’s loaded with a lot more features.

The 1000D is smaller and lighter than the 450D but not by much. It’s still a bit bigger than the d40 and the d40x, which is a good thing. I always thought that the d40 and the d40x are so small that they almost look like prosumer cameras

One of the main selling points of the camera is its liveview feature which canon is introducing in all of its new cameras. If you’re used to point and shoot cameras and you’ve never handled a DSLR before, you might be surprised to know that with most DSLRs you can’t use the LCD to compose your shots. You’d have to look at the viewfinder to see what you’re actually shooting. With liveview, you can use your DSLR like you use your point and shoot camera.

Like the 450D, the kit lens of the 1000D also comes with image stabilization. Image stabilization minimizes blurring due to handshake. The 1000D also has automatic sensor cleaning like the 450D and the 450D

Here’s a quick comparison of the 450D, 400D, 1000D. D40x, D40

The 1000D has better features than both nikons. The 1000D is also a newer model. Both nikons are already quite old. Their replacements are probably due to come out soon. If you're budget is really limited then you might want to go for the d40. but the d40x and the 1000D are almost at the same price range. If you're starting from scratch, there's no reason to go for the older and less capable d40x over the 1000D

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