Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top 10 hottest/cutest filipina babes

It’s been ages since I last updated this blog. If I were a selfish manly man who didn’t care about the edutainment of his fellow manly men, I probably wouldn’t update this blog anymore. But since I still get hundreds of hits from men who are in constant search for manly stuff in general, as well as people looking for videos of masturbating elephants cumming on a bucket, (a bunch of them stumble to this blog for some reason) I will continue updating this blog.

Here’s a tip for bloggers who are under a spell of writer’s block. Post a bunch of pictures of hot babes, write a few lines to describe them, call it a top 10 list and you get tons of hits from google image search.

So here’s my top 10 list of the philippines’ hottest/cutest women. Since I don’t want this blog to look like a showbiz chismis blog, I’ll try to limit the list to non-mainstream personalities.

10.)Precious adona (Model): Other than the fact that she has some of the most eye catching pics ever to grace FHM philippines, I know absolutely nothing about her. But she’s the spitting image of Olivia munn in these pics don’t you think? Olivia is teh hotsorz

9.)Gretchen fullido (newscaster):I’d like to talk about her effervescent style of reporting and her excellent communication skills but there’s a line in the secret man code that says “pictures of curvaceous bikini clad women lying wet on the beach are worth a thousand words” this description is therefore way too long already.

8.) Bubbles Paraiso (TV host): One of the hosts of the now defunct studio 23 show “it’s a guy thing”. Why is she here? Cos she’s a gadget geek, she’s witty and she’s sexay.

7.) Bianca Gonzales: (TV host) I thought twice about including her in this list because she’s very mainstream now but I absolutely adored her back when she was still doing film critiques on cinema one. I love good films and, consequently, film critics as well. That’s why she’s on this list.

6.) Andie Manzano (DJ/VJ): Apparently. she was a DJ at a radio station before. Never really listened to anything other than NU107 back when I was still into FM radio so I never heard of her ‘til much recently. Fortunately someone realized the obvious fact that she’s too cute for radio and she’s working as a VJ for MTV Philippines now

5.)Pinky webb (newscaster): One of ANC’s finest. One does not use words like “cute” or “adorable” to describe Ms Pinky Webb. Such words are used to describe girls and Miss webb is no little girl. Paul finch would describe her best

4.)Marieton Pacheco (newscaster): One of the cutest anchors ANC has ever produced. Miss Pacheco has a smile that will have you thinking of rainbows butterflies, unicorns and pink fluffy teddy bears.

3.) Ellen Adarna (internet celeb/model?): Not really my kind of chick (not geeky enough) but she’s undeniably cute. Arguably cuter than anyone on this list, at least judging by that picture below. She also has a huge following which would make her a good hit-bait. She rose to fame when her pictures got posted in different forums and fake friendster accounts. She recently appeared on the covers of UNO Philippines and candy mag. Pimply teeners post pictures of her on their walls, write countless poems professing their undying love to her, create altars devoted to her worship etc… It’s all very depressing, I tell you, so I shall continue no further. Oh and btw, she’s over 18. I just thought that some of you elderly gents would be interested to know

2.) Reema Chanco (TV host): Ms. Chanco is the permanently tanned bombshell who hosts the show “pinoy gamers” on the makisig channel. The only locally produced show dedicated to gamers. I think she also has a co-host. I’m not sure, I never really noticed. Why is she on number 2? because she’s a gamer chick. Any gamer chick would definitely score high on my list.

1.) Gaby dela merced (racecar driver): There’s nothing sexier than a smart, articulate woman who can also burn rubber. She also plays airsoft and a bunch of other guy stuff. Tomboys have a special appeal for most guys. It’s the closest thing they can get to a lesbian without actually getting a lesbian. PBB sort of made her mainstream but she’s still cool in my book.

Don’t send me hatemail if you don’t agree with my list. I’m not sure if I agree with it either. And so I don’t get in trouble, I’d like to clarify that none of these pictures are mine... but i also do model photography as a hobby. If you wanna see my work, check out my multiply. http://jaywalker0415.multiply.com/ [/shameless self promotion]

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Asus LS201 Crossbow resistant LCD

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Who hasn't tried firing a crossbow into their LCD monitors? The market for this product is undeniably huge!
If you’ve ever had the urge to hammer nails into your LCD but didn't want to damage it …or if you’ve ever experienced the need to pick up a crossbow and fire arrows into your LCD monitor in the middle of a feud with people in WOW, here's the product just for you.

The Asus LS201 has a protective panel made of crystal sapphire that protects it from the most violent of blows. You don’t have to tell your hyperactive little kid brother to stay away from your precious LCD anymore, unless you’re watching pron

The people at Asus are marketing it as “scratch proof”. Masters at understatement they are.
Check out the video

It’s currently priced at around $500

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canon EOS 1000D

Technorati Tags: canon EOS 1000D, 450D, 400D, D40x, D40, comparisonNikon has been dominating the lower end of the DSLR market with their d40 and d40x for the past 2 years. Both cameras cost under 30k brand new. You can actually buy a brand new d40 for about 21k. Canon didn’t have anything that could compete at the price range. Canon’s cheapest cameras cost 40k and above.

Why canon took this long to release a camera at this price bracket, I don’t know. But they finally have and it shreds its competition to bits, at least in this canonite’s opinion. The canon EOS 1000D, at 29k, is just a bit more expensive than the d40x but it’s loaded with a lot more features.

The 1000D is smaller and lighter than the 450D but not by much. It’s still a bit bigger than the d40 and the d40x, which is a good thing. I always thought that the d40 and the d40x are so small that they almost look like prosumer cameras

One of the main selling points of the camera is its liveview feature which canon is introducing in all of its new cameras. If you’re used to point and shoot cameras and you’ve never handled a DSLR before, you might be surprised to know that with most DSLRs you can’t use the LCD to compose your shots. You’d have to look at the viewfinder to see what you’re actually shooting. With liveview, you can use your DSLR like you use your point and shoot camera.

Like the 450D, the kit lens of the 1000D also comes with image stabilization. Image stabilization minimizes blurring due to handshake. The 1000D also has automatic sensor cleaning like the 450D and the 450D

Here’s a quick comparison of the 450D, 400D, 1000D. D40x, D40

The 1000D has better features than both nikons. The 1000D is also a newer model. Both nikons are already quite old. Their replacements are probably due to come out soon. If you're budget is really limited then you might want to go for the d40. but the d40x and the 1000D are almost at the same price range. If you're starting from scratch, there's no reason to go for the older and less capable d40x over the 1000D

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unwritten man codes volume 2

Greetings dear reader. It's been a while and I have missed you. I have again decided to educate you on unwritten man codes. I have already given you the rudiments of manly decorum (unwritten man codes volume 1). If you haven’t read that article yet, I suggest that you do so now before you cause any further deterioration to your manly dignity. Today I’m going to give you some of the more advanced techniques practiced by jedimasters in the field of manliness.
As is the case with my other guides, this isn’t just senseless blabbering. You’ll actually learn from this so read on.

On staring at women: Have you ever met a guy who seems exceedingly hard to impress? You point his attention to a particularly eye-catching woman and he tells you “bleh”? Did you look upon him with awe? Well you should for he is proficient in the advanced techniques of manly discretion.

A curious acquaintance asked me once: “Are you gay? Why don't you gawk at uber hot chicks?”. he was obviously unschooled in the unwritten codes for he gawks and hoots at any attractive girl who passes his way. I do not do such things for i am a gentleman and i am quite proficient, dare i say masterful, in the ancient arts of ninja-like discretion. I would’ve given him an elbow to the face for questioning my masculinity but he was a noob so he was forgiven.

Whenever you feel the urge to look at an attractive woman, discretion must be exercised so as not to appear inexperienced or easily impressed. You may use advanced head swivel techniques or feign interest in something behind the actual subject of interest.

Remember that evolution gave you peripheral vision for a reason and that is to appreciate the finer qualities of the opposite sex without getting hit by a handbag.
Even if you’re beside Jessica Biel herself, you should never act like a giddy, easily excitable pubescent noob.

Easily excitable noob

Don’t use smilies: Don’t get me wrong. Smilies serve an important purpose in electronic conversations. I use them a lot when I communicate with women, almost too often sometimes actually. It gives your conversation a less serious vibe. It’s also a quick and easy response whenever your wit fails you.

Utilization of smilies when communicating with other men must be held to a minimum. If you really must stress that you’re just kidding then call him gay and add a profane word or two. He should very quickly understand that you’re in a jovial mood.

When communicating with other men, one must exude an aura of dignity and respectability and that’s hard to achieve when there’s a cute little smiley face at the end of each of your sentences.
“Cute” is a very iffy term for manly men.When a female calls you cute, you may take it as a compliment. Promptly thank her for her gracious remark. It would also be prudent to return the compliment and ask her for her number for you may be on to something, young lad.

If another man calls you “cute”, consider it a most atrocious insult to your manly dignity! Don’t let him leave the general vicinity without a broken nose.
Did I veer off? Let me get back to the point. Men should only use smilies when talking to the opposite sex
not the kind of image you want to project to other men

Your manly dignity is directly proportional to your name: Pet names are for cute little puppies not for manly men. Don’t let any guy give you just any nickname that he wants. Next time another man calls you bugoy, consider it an insult to your manly dignity. Refer to previous articles on how to defend your manly dignity using your elbows. Your name should exude respectability. It should sound heroic like Jaywalker, Alexander or Batman bin Suparman
awesomest name evar

Be a bit rude: I consider myself a gentleman and I don’t resort to undiplomatic modes of communication unless my manly dignity is insulted by another man, in which case I go berserk with my elbows. Being diplomatic doesn’t mean being goody-two-shoes-y though. Nothing says wimp more than an ass kissing, submissive sissy boy. Learn to traverse the thin line between offensive and funny and feel free to cross it occasionally. If anyone takes offence, you may go berserk with your elbows

when communicating with other men, never go overboard with the pleasantries

That's it for today. You will want to watch out for unwritten man codes volume 3 if you want to further your education and become a man worthy of godly adulation

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My photoshoot with Myca

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It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. Amazingly I still get 100-200 hits a day. I actually have 7 almost finished articles waiting to be published. I just lack the attention span to actually finish them…

While I finish those articles, let me first share with you some pics from my recent photoshoot with the lovely “Myca”

This is my 1st studio shoot and my first time to work with a model. Modesty be damned, I’d have to say I’m extremely pleased with the results, especially for the first set.

For the first set of pics, I aimed for a more artistic look. Very little post processing was done save for some minor tweaks in brightness and contrast. You can view the rest of the pics from this set here

2nd set: Multiple light sources and a white background. You can view the rest of the pics from this set here

3rd set: We tried to go for a men’s-magazine-ish look. I’m not sure if I’m ecstatic about the lighting, the two toned background and the round thing behind the couch but the model looks great in these pics so I decided to publish them anyway.

Myca will be featured in slitzmag's september issue so watch out for that

Comments are moderated. Only compliments using superlative adjectives towards the model and the photographer will be approved =)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Retarded Video

It's been a month since i last updated this blog. What do most bloggers do when they can't think of anything to blog about? They post youtube videos of course. Unlike most other other bloggers though, the videos that i post are ones that i made myself.

I made this video 5 months ago for reasons that are still unknown to me. I have absolutely no idea why i made this video so don't ask me. I know it's not immediately apparent at first but It's supposed to be a parody of romeo and juliet. There was no attempt at making a coherent script so don't expect it to make sense

This video is so badly made and so non-sensical that you'll automatically lose 30 IQ points after watching this. Don't say you were not warned!!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top 10 Best story driven PC Games ever

Most games nowadays concentrate more on delivering bleeding edge graphics or highly realistic physics. They usually stick to tried and tested formulas when it comes to gameplay and storylines. Which is sad since it’s usually the latter factors that make a game memorable. When done right, games can be a more engaging storytelling medium than movies.

I suck at intros, no? Without further blabbering, here are my top 10 best story driven games ever.
10.) Max Payne 2 (3rd person shooter, date of release: 2001):
Most of max payne’s narrative is delivered through prose written by Sam lake which gives it a poetic flavor that is usually lacking in most games. Max payne 2 is marketed as a tragic film noire love story. It’s dark, it’s violent …and it’s sexy. Mona sax is, bar none, the hottest girl i've had the pleasure of controlling. Instead of hand sculpting the 3d models, they actually scanned the bodies of real life actors making the models anatomically accurate down to the areolas. Of course you’d have to know the “nude mona” cheat to appreciate 3d mona in her full glory
Also, the PC version has the best graphics. So if you have a geforce 5xxx series or above video card, get the PC version.
Of course the first thing you’d notice in this picture are the perfectly modeled collar bones
9.) Baldur’s gate 2: (RPG, date of release: 2000) Mix “dungeons and dragons” gameplay with an epic story that’s reminiscent of lord of the rings and you’ve got a concoction that’s certain to make the head of any geek explode. It’s 200+ hour length may be a bit daunting for normal people but this game was made for geeks and geeks aren’t normal people. 200 hours are inconsequential for a guy who spends 18 hours a day in front of his pc. I actually played all the way through it and I clocked more than 200 hours –A fact that I hope doesn’t suggest anything about the quality of my life
What mostly drives the story in BG2 is the main character’s interaction with his companions. You travel with a party of 5. Each party member has his/her own personality, backstory and sidequests. They’d flirt with you, fight with each other or even sleep with you. You must choose how to interact with your companions carefully though as your relationships with them affect gameplay. I tear up whenever I recall how aerie left me when I decided to rob her of her virginity
7.) Planescape torment (RPG, date of release: 1999): Torment is a 2d RPG set in the obscure dungeons and dragons planescape setting using AD&D 2nd edition rules. If that sounded like jargon to you then you probably are cool and have lots of friends. I therefore hate you
It’s like baldur’s gate in terms of gameplay, graphics and geekiness quotient but torment has a more tightly woven story. You play the “nameless one”. You wake up in a mortuary without any recollection of your past. As the game progresses, you find out that you are actually immortal. You don’t die, you just lose all your memories. Some of the best twists in the story involve finding out what your past incarnations were like and what they’ve done.
The story is deep, complex and philosophical. The riddle at the core of the game is “what can change the nature of a man”. It’s up to the player to decide how he’s going to solve that riddle by the choices that he makes in the game
This game is a cult classic. Some copies are selling on ebay for $130. Not bad considering that this game was released 9 years ago

8.) Silent hill 2 (survival horror, date of release: 2002): Think resident evil, only more mature and the focus is less on action and more on atmosphere.
Ghost stories don’t scare me anymore. The only horror genre that works for me is psychological horror. What I love about the silent hill series is that the stories are mostly figurative. You can interpret the game’s symbolisms in a variety of ways. One could interpret the ghastly apparitions in the game to be of psychological or supernatural nature. The best in the series so far is silent hill 2. Not because it’s scary, though it is that too, but because it tells an engaging personal story that has a really interesting twist at the end.
THe infamous scene where pyramid head rapes a mannequin. One of the most disturbing scenes in any game ever
6.) Star wars: Knights of the old republic (RPG; date of release: 2003): Knights of the old republic is an RPG developed by bioware and shares a lot of similarities with other games developed by bioware like baldur’s gate. The story takes place 4000 years before episode IV. Like baldur’s gate 2, a lot of the game’s appeal comes from your interaction with your companions.

5.) Metal gear solid(action/adventure, date of release: 2000): Some may consider metal gear solid’s story to be a bit too melodramatic and the script to be a bit too mushy and overbearing. But despite these unmanly factors, I actually loved the game. It appeals to my sensitive side. The side of me that liked my sassy girl and titanic also loves MGS1.

4.) Grim fandango (adventure, date of release: 1998): I’m getting tired of writing now so I’ll make this short and sweet. Grim fandango is an endearing piece of interactive art. The unique visuals, the intriguing story, the sense of humor and the endearing characters make this one memorable gem of a game.
3.) Gabriel knight 3 (adventure, date of release: 1999): Jesus Christ is in this game. But that didn’t stop me, a hardcore atheist, from loving it. Jane Jensen is a master at interactive storytelling. The pacing is good, the plot twists are right where they should be and the character development is first rate.

2.) Deus Ex (RPG/FPS, date of release: 2000): One of the most immersive games I’ve ever played.
Some RPGs give you too much freedom at the expense of narrative. Some RPGs sacrifice freedom for narrative making the game feel too linear What makes deus ex’s narrative especially engrossing is that it gives the player the illusion of freedom without actually giving him too much freedom. The game gives you a lot of choices. From minor ones like whether you should enter the women’s lavatory or not to more major ones like whether you should kill the leader of a major terrorist organization or not. The game makes you feel like your choices matter. Almost every choice has an effect on the game but it never affects it so much that it would affect the coherence of the story. Until you replay the game, you wouldn’t know that the story is actually quite linear. And you’d be surprised because it doesn’t feel linear at all.
1.) The longest journey (adventure, date of release: 1999): good stories get you interested. Great stories get you emotionally involved. Getting to the end of TLJ is like like getting to the last page of a really good book. You just don’t want it to end because you’ve gotten attached to the characters already.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Be a gadget freak without losing money

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Scan this article from top to bottom. Check out the pictures. Yep all those gadgets are mine or were once mine. Profusely excessive you might say. I would disagree. I spend a lot on gadgets but I’m not actually losing money. In fact it’s quite the opposite.
Here are some basic things that you should know about so you can get all the gadgets you without losing a lot of cash. The basic principle here is to try to keep the monetary value of all your gadgets, more or less, at a constant. Let’s say you have 200k worth of gadgets right now. If you keep those gadgets for 3 years, the value might go down to 80k or maybe even lower. But if instead of keeping them for that length of time, you convert them to cash before they depreciate and then convert the cash to gadgets again, you’ll always have close to 200k worth of items without infusing extra cash.

Read and learn…

Brand new and 2nd hand value: The price difference between brand new and 2nd hand units for certain items like ipods, can be relatively small. (There was a time when brand new ipod videos sold for 11500 and 2nd hand units sold for just 10k) while it can be pretty significant for certain items like minidv camcorders. As soon as it leaves the electronics shop, the minidv camcorder that you bought for 25k will only be worth 11k. Keep in mind that the instant you buy a gadget, it’s a already 2nd hand. So the value of that camcorder that you just bought isn’t 25k. It’s 11k. When computing the value of your gadgets, always use their 2nd hand value. Buying brand new always entails instant loss of value and this is not good if you’re trying to keep the monetary value of your gadgets at a constant. When deciding whether to get brand new or 2nd hand, ask yourself what you’re paying extra for and if it’s worth it

Depreciation rate: Most electronic gadgets tend to be sold at a huge premium when they’re first released. Prices would usually fall sharply after a few months as supply meets demand and as the hype dwindles. It would stabilize after a certain point and won’t drop significantly again ‘til an updated model gets released. Introduction of new models, either from the same manufacturer or from competing brands will likely trigger significant price drops. If you familiarize yourself with the release dates of new models and the depreciation rate of a particular item, you can work out a strategy on when to buy and when to sell. It’s best to buy when the price plateaus and it’s best to sell before the next significant price drop

Depreciation threshold: There’s a certain point at which some gadgets, more or less, stop depreciating. For the last few years, the depreciation threshold for minidv camcorders has been at around 8-10k; for branded digital cameras, it’s at around 4k, around 6k for slim digicams; for entry level digital SLR cameras, it’s around 17-20k.
If you buy a 2nd hand DSLR camera worth 20k, you won’t have to worry that it’ll lose 50% of its value within the next few years. You can keep your dslr for 3 years and it’s unlikely that price will go much lower than 16k. it definitely won’t depreciate to the point where it’s about the same price as a regular point and shoot camera or a regular prosumer camera. If you don’t plan to buy and resell your items too often, it’s best to buy items that are near the depreciation threshold already. Of course this threshold won’t remain constant forever but prices rarely drop sharply after they’ve hit the threshold

Not all electronic gadgets have a Depreciation threshold. Most Celphones will continue to depreciate ‘til they’re worth practically nothing. In markets where technology evolves very fast and new models get released very quickly, prices drop like rocks.
Video cards are some of the fastest depreciating items you can buy. In a period of 2 years, the price of a video card could drop from 30k to 5k -It’s a bottomless pit so it’s highly inadvisable to hold on to such items for a long time.
Brand new or 2nd hand
If you’re buying brand new gadgets, what you’re mostly paying for is the warranty. Most electronic gadgets have very few mechanical parts and therefore they don’t wear down as predictably as cars or powertools do. there’s no guarantee that a brand new ipod will last longer than one that’s been used for a year already. It could last for 20 years or just 2. There’s just no way of knowing. Also, warranties for most gadgets is only 1yr and that usually doesn’t cover physical damages caused by mishandling. Few electronic gadgets fail in that time period so 1yr warranties are practically useless in my opinion. Additionally, the price difference between brand new and 2nd hand units for certain items can be so great that it could cover the price of any major repair 3 times over. Always weigh what advantages you’ll get and whether those advantages are worth the price difference or not
To minimize the amount of money you’ll lose, you’ll have to buy your gadgets 2nd hand. If you plan to follow my strategy, you shouldn’t be keeping any gadget for more than a year anyway so longevity shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
Buying 2nd hand: Buying 2nd hand units always entails a certain amount of risk but if you know what to watch out for, you can minimize the risk to an acceptable level. Most trading sites have a feedback system in which you could check the past deals of every member and how they all went. Always check the ratings of a seller first. ]The best forms of transactions are those where you get to meet the seller and personally test the unit. Safest mode of payment is through bank account since it’s traceable.
Whenever I do long distance transactions where I don’t get to actually see the unit, I do a background check on the seller. I’d ask for personal details. his blog url, friendster profile etc (ask him to send you a message through friendster to confirm that it really is his profile), I’d try to converse with him and check if there are inconsistencies. Weigh what he has to lose and what he has to gain by duping you. Detecting scammers requires experience and involves a lot of gut feel. I strongly suggest that you don’t do long distance transactions until you’ve gained enough experience already.

These are just general pointers. There is no universal formula that you can use for all gadgets. The key to being a successful gadget freak is knowing the product and the market. Do research. Check out trading sites like ebay or bidshot. Always be updated on the prices of items.

Once you get the hang of it, you may find yourself buying expensive stuff on a whim, stuff that you don’t really need or may not even actually want that badly… Once you’ve mastered the art of being a successful gadget freak, life becomes a lot more interesting.
Expect more detailed guides for specific gadgets from me in the future.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

FHM mossimo event

Another set of pics. I’ll try to post an actual article next time. I’m writing an article about how to be a gadget freak like me without losing tons of money, an article on the top 10 story driven PC games. Plus the type of witty verbose articles that you can only expect from me. Expect those within the next few days. Subscribe to my feeds to be updated.

In the meantime, here are some pics from the FHM mossimo event 2 nights ago

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