Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My photoshoot with Myca

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It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. Amazingly I still get 100-200 hits a day. I actually have 7 almost finished articles waiting to be published. I just lack the attention span to actually finish them…

While I finish those articles, let me first share with you some pics from my recent photoshoot with the lovely “Myca”

This is my 1st studio shoot and my first time to work with a model. Modesty be damned, I’d have to say I’m extremely pleased with the results, especially for the first set.

For the first set of pics, I aimed for a more artistic look. Very little post processing was done save for some minor tweaks in brightness and contrast. You can view the rest of the pics from this set here

2nd set: Multiple light sources and a white background. You can view the rest of the pics from this set here

3rd set: We tried to go for a men’s-magazine-ish look. I’m not sure if I’m ecstatic about the lighting, the two toned background and the round thing behind the couch but the model looks great in these pics so I decided to publish them anyway.

Myca will be featured in slitzmag's september issue so watch out for that

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