Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Retarded Video

It's been a month since i last updated this blog. What do most bloggers do when they can't think of anything to blog about? They post youtube videos of course. Unlike most other other bloggers though, the videos that i post are ones that i made myself.

I made this video 5 months ago for reasons that are still unknown to me. I have absolutely no idea why i made this video so don't ask me. I know it's not immediately apparent at first but It's supposed to be a parody of romeo and juliet. There was no attempt at making a coherent script so don't expect it to make sense

This video is so badly made and so non-sensical that you'll automatically lose 30 IQ points after watching this. Don't say you were not warned!!


van said...

wow. this reminds me so much of my photoshopping

jaywalker said...

I reckon then that you're photoshopping abilities are exeptionally good?